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People and Technology: How much time does it really take up? February 11, 2009

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So, my last week’s comment was about Grey’s Anatomy. That was to give you a little taste of how society focuses on t.v., movies, video games and the computer. If I look at my schedule for the week I set aside several times  for shows that I religiously watch. It is amazing how many hours a week people spend on t.v. I do admit that I watch t.v. 5  hours a week at the least. My little brother is 10-years-old and he spends countless hours a week playing all these different kinds of video games. When I was 10 I was spending countless hours riding my bike, but we also didn’t have all the technology like we do today. According to Digital Information in the U.S. people spend eight hours a day watching television. It is a great thing we have all this technology, but is it necessary to spend that much time on it? Boys average 23 and girls spend 12 hours a week playing video games, according to Mental Health. Isn’t it amazing how much time we have to sit on our butts! No wonder the U.S. is obese. Society is moving toward a more responsible and useful way of using technology by having educational and fitness video games, but we still have a way to go.


One Response to “People and Technology: How much time does it really take up?”

  1. brennabassler Says:

    I like that you’re doing this. I can remember when I was little playing outside, riding my bike, riding horses, feeding animals. I never played video games and didn’t watch TV much to speak of! This is so true. How much better would my grades be if I studied as much as I watch TV or as much as I’m online.

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