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College Students and the Internet February 17, 2009

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Last time I wrote about how much time children spend on technology. Today I am going to write about how much time college students spend on the Internet, etc. There is a difference though between leisure time and productivity time spent on the Internet. Over the past couple of years a lot of school work is on the Internet. So, time spent on the Internet as gone up. College students spend the most time on the Internet than any other age. I got all my information on a chart online at http://tinyurl.com/c4n2zh. According to the chart 50.6% of students surf the web while watching t.v. and 43.5% are online while listening to the radio. As of 2007, IM was the most popular activity, 62.3% of males and 57.2% of females IM. 53.3% of students spend time downloading music. 51.7% use the Internet for school work. So, just a little over half of students spend their time doing school work on the Internet. 47.7% of students play games, 46.2% reading entertainment, and 44.5% listen to music.  44.2% read news and information and 42.6% stream video content. 19.6% of college students spend 20-plus hours on the Internet, 19.9% watch t.v., and 18% spend three to five hours a week on music. That is a lot of time on the Internet and as you can see more students spend leisure time on the Internet than on their school work. Check out the Web site to see more information on how much time each students spends on media.


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