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Resumes April 18, 2009

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        In Advanced PR Media we had a guest speaker Keira Mann. She taught our class the importance of resumes and how to put one together. Of course most of us have had resumes but how professional or put together were they? I know after I listened to her presentation I threw mine in the trash. I completely started over! She had great advice how you can put a resume together today. There are trends and fads with them so you have to keep your resume up-to-date. Here are some helpful hints she showed us… 

  • Color is OK
  • One page for every 10 years of experience
  • You can use present and past tense
  • Make sure you always have references just in case
  • Make sure you target your resume to the job you want
  • Have a professional and eye catching letterhead
  • No high school activities (not even where you graduated from)
  • Make sure it is AP style or automatically thrown in the trash!
  • Don’t use a Template, InDesign is best
  • No sentences
  • Bullet points when necessary
  • List computer and social media skills ex. Microsoft Powerpoint, Facebook…
  • Have someone check it over and over and over again!

These were helpful for me and I made an awesome and new resume that I am very proud of. There are many different ways you can do a resume you do not have to stick to anything boring and old fashioned. Make it stylish and fun to read! Make sure and use your sources to have the best resume out there because it only takes three to five seconds to toss yours in the trash. If you have any suggestions to resumes please add to the list!


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