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Orange you glad you decided to be social??? April 19, 2009

Filed under: JB4520,Journalism and Broadcasting,Social Media,Technology Today — tannerwamsley @ 7:43 pm

       In our Social Media class our professor Bill Handy suggested creating a Web site for all JB majors to have a communication tool. So, our class put together a Web site. It was easy as 1,2,3. Really! We put together the Web site called sociallyorange.org. The goal of the Web site was a common place for OSU JB students to communicate. We add “stuff” to it quite often to see what works and what doesn’t work. It has been a great success so far. There is a place for everything. When someone joins a member can have their own page and join groups within sociallyorange. It is very similar to PROpenMic if you have ever been on their page. You can add friends, blog and upload photos if you want. One of the important part about it is you can see what is currently happening in the JB school such as events and stories. Also, there is a place to look for jobs and internships. There are about 100 members so far, which is fantastic! Everyone in the JB school should join because it is a great opportunity to network and meet fellow peers. Check it our it is pretty cool! The site is http://www.sociallyorange.org


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