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Choosing the Right Public Relations Institution April 21, 2009

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You need to look for many things when choosing a public relations institution. It may be overwhelming to begin making decisions. Having some guidelines may help reduce some of the stress. After choosing the university that is right for you, attending and graduating, having a degree that is up-to-date with what employers want is vital. Keep in mind, in general, PR people want to learn the latest and newest trends. Make sure that your institution is running parallel to this idea. The following is a compilation of tips to assist in finding the right public relations institution for you.
Upon graduating, a degree must mean something to be beneficial. Students should look for specific aspects of a good public relations institution. According to http://www.collegeboard.com a student should consider if the program is accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications, will the institution help you find an internship, does the program include technical and research skills, provide portfolio-appealing projects, and does the institution will help students find internships during college and jobs after graduation.
Attending an accredited program is not essential but some of the course work will allow you to gain more hands on experience. Attending an un-accredited program doesn’t mean you are unemployable but students may not have to meet requirements a graduate from an accredited program would.
Although, an internship may not be required through every program, the more professional experiences a student has, the more marketable they become. Many new programs require an internship before a student can graduate. Programs that don’t require an internship will sometimes offer credit to students for completing an internship. Most universities have career services to assist students in finding internships.
With technology growing as rapidly as it is today, students should note the universities that have technical and research programs. Computer and social media skills are becoming essential for the Public Relations field and future employers are looking for those specific skills.
When completing your class work, remember that when entering the job market most interviews will require a portfolio. Courses should create samples to build a portfolio. In your portfolio, writing samples, as well as graphic design samples, are beneficial.
With the economy’s current state, it is wisest for students to get help with their job searches through their university. Many universities offer programs and job resources for their alumni.
These are just a few of the things to look for in a high-quality public relations institution. It is also beneficial to talk to public relations professionals and get their opinions about what is important in a university. During your university hunt it helps to go into it with some sort of checklist, the items listed above are a few essentials. Regardless of the institution you choose, make sure that you will gain the knowledge you need to succeed in your career.
By:Tanner Wamsley and Brenna Bassler


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