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Social Media Class Comes To An End But Not My Involvement In Social Media April 29, 2009

Filed under: JB4520,Journalism and Broadcasting,Social Media — tannerwamsley @ 4:27 am

               Throughout this semester I have learned so much in Bill Handy’s Social Media class. I have been exposed to “things” in the Social Media world I would have never been exposed to. For example, creating www.sociallyorange.org for the JB students at OSU and running www.propenmic.org a public relations Web site. I have learned the importance of being engaged and active in social media. It is an important networking tool to be engaged with your peers, co-workers, employers and whoever you want to be enaged with. Overall, I have learned to be actively envolved  in the newest trends of social media. You can use any kind of tool you want; it could be twitter, facebook, blogging or whatever works for you. This class is great for students who are just getting into social media to people who are experts. It is ever evolving that is the beauty of social media. You will always learn something new. Bill Handy is the professor of Social Media and he has a video on www.sociallyorange.org about the importance of social media and the class. If you are interested in this class the video will be helpful in giving insight to what the class is about.


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