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Social Media Class Comes To An End But Not My Involvement In Social Media April 29, 2009

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               Throughout this semester I have learned so much in Bill Handy’s Social Media class. I have been exposed to “things” in the Social Media world I would have never been exposed to. For example, creating www.sociallyorange.org for the JB students at OSU and running www.propenmic.org a public relations Web site. I have learned the importance of being engaged and active in social media. It is an important networking tool to be engaged with your peers, co-workers, employers and whoever you want to be enaged with. Overall, I have learned to be actively envolved  in the newest trends of social media. You can use any kind of tool you want; it could be twitter, facebook, blogging or whatever works for you. This class is great for students who are just getting into social media to people who are experts. It is ever evolving that is the beauty of social media. You will always learn something new. Bill Handy is the professor of Social Media and he has a video on www.sociallyorange.org about the importance of social media and the class. If you are interested in this class the video will be helpful in giving insight to what the class is about.


Orange you glad you decided to be social??? April 19, 2009

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       In our Social Media class our professor Bill Handy suggested creating a Web site for all JB majors to have a communication tool. So, our class put together a Web site. It was easy as 1,2,3. Really! We put together the Web site called sociallyorange.org. The goal of the Web site was a common place for OSU JB students to communicate. We add “stuff” to it quite often to see what works and what doesn’t work. It has been a great success so far. There is a place for everything. When someone joins a member can have their own page and join groups within sociallyorange. It is very similar to PROpenMic if you have ever been on their page. You can add friends, blog and upload photos if you want. One of the important part about it is you can see what is currently happening in the JB school such as events and stories. Also, there is a place to look for jobs and internships. There are about 100 members so far, which is fantastic! Everyone in the JB school should join because it is a great opportunity to network and meet fellow peers. Check it our it is pretty cool! The site is http://www.sociallyorange.org


Social Media Class February 17, 2009

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It was an exciting week last week in class! The weather was terrible that day. We were in a tornado warning and the first 30 minutes we were talking about how students, professionals, high school students, and the unemployed all connect in social media. Well, then the sirens go off and we all had to head to the basement! We were down there for about an hour before the weather got better. There was storms all over Oklahoma that day causing a lot of destruction. But okstorms kept everyone up to date on what was going on. So last week was a short class but it was sure exciting!


JB 4520 February 11, 2009

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In social media Natalie came and spoke to our class about how important it is to have experience in social media. She said in the work force she had an advantage over others because she was experienced in that field. She works in social media in several different ways. She works for a non-profit organization as a Marketing assistant. Her position consists of everything media. She updates their website and she works with twitter, facebook and many more. She also has her own small business online. It is a vintage clothing and accessory store. She said social media is a very good networking tool and this is our future. Our future consists communicating this way so we need to become familiar with it. It will help us in many different ways especially when we want to get careers. We will be one step ahead.


JB 4520 February 2, 2009

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In class this week, we learned about the social world and how vital it is to do keep up with what is going on. I like how the world is becoming more and more technology savvy but it scares me because I am not. Mr. Handy showed us several blogsites to use and how businesses are using this as their main communication. I had trouble figuring out how to post a blog on here let alone using this as my main communication source. I do appreciate how technology doesn’t just focus on the just the youth but also can relate to all generations. My grandmother is more skilled on a computer than I am. She has her own website! But I know that as the semester continues I will learn more about all this and it will become more familiar to me…hopefully!