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Social Media Vs. Social Skills. September 24, 2009

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I think Social Media is a great advancement toward technology today because it has increased networking. It is a great way to receive and get information and stay connected to people. It has many benefits and is progressing with the way the world is changing today. Many people use social media and do not even realize they do. There are so many sites such as Facebook, twitter, blog sites (WordPress) and many more.

Yes this is a great achievement for technology but is it affecting social skills? What I mean by this is the politeness of how people interact with each other. Cell phones have become such a crutch for people. I run into to so many people who are texting and talking while I am trying to carry on a conversation with them. I don’t know about you but I think that’s rude. Also, when you are talking to someone and they hardly look you in the eye. Kids are on the computer so much “chatting” with people these days that I guess they don’t even know what eyeballs are anymore. And cell phones are just one example.

So is social media affecting social skills or is just how the way things are today?