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STATEments April 15, 2009

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         STATEments is an organization in JB. It is an a student run PR firm and it helps give students hands-on-experience. Students will write newsreleases, PSA’s,  presentations to name a few. This organization shows future employers student’s determination to learn more about Public Relations. STATEments is a great opportunity to show employers your skills and talents  in the pr field. Students in JB should join STATEments no matter if you are a PR major, broadcast major, journalism major or whatever else. All students will benefit from this and take away skills they will need for the future.


The O’COLLY is on Twitter April 2, 2009

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         One of the editors came into our social media class to get advice about twitter. Our class suggested if the O’Colly joins twitter it would help promote the student run newspaper. It would allow students who are on twitter to become more aware of stories and events in the paper. The editor’s goal is to have more student traffic on the O’Colly’s Web site. If the O’Colly is on Twitter then they can tweet about stories readers can only find on the their Web site.  This will accomplish the O’Collys goal to have more students view their Web site. I think this is a great idea for the O’Colly it will help promote the newspaper and show they are greatly involved in the media. The O’Colly is on Twitter you can find them at www.twitter.comkeyword: OCOLLY.


Social Media Class February 17, 2009

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It was an exciting week last week in class! The weather was terrible that day. We were in a tornado warning and the first 30 minutes we were talking about how students, professionals, high school students, and the unemployed all connect in social media. Well, then the sirens go off and we all had to head to the basement! We were down there for about an hour before the weather got better. There was storms all over Oklahoma that day causing a lot of destruction. But okstorms kept everyone up to date on what was going on. So last week was a short class but it was sure exciting!


College Students and the Internet

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Last time I wrote about how much time children spend on technology. Today I am going to write about how much time college students spend on the Internet, etc. There is a difference though between leisure time and productivity time spent on the Internet. Over the past couple of years a lot of school work is on the Internet. So, time spent on the Internet as gone up. College students spend the most time on the Internet than any other age. I got all my information on a chart online at http://tinyurl.com/c4n2zh. According to the chart 50.6% of students surf the web while watching t.v. and 43.5% are online while listening to the radio. As of 2007, IM was the most popular activity, 62.3% of males and 57.2% of females IM. 53.3% of students spend time downloading music. 51.7% use the Internet for school work. So, just a little over half of students spend their time doing school work on the Internet. 47.7% of students play games, 46.2% reading entertainment, and 44.5% listen to music.  44.2% read news and information and 42.6% stream video content. 19.6% of college students spend 20-plus hours on the Internet, 19.9% watch t.v., and 18% spend three to five hours a week on music. That is a lot of time on the Internet and as you can see more students spend leisure time on the Internet than on their school work. Check out the Web site to see more information on how much time each students spends on media.


JB 4520 February 11, 2009

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In social media Natalie came and spoke to our class about how important it is to have experience in social media. She said in the work force she had an advantage over others because she was experienced in that field. She works in social media in several different ways. She works for a non-profit organization as a Marketing assistant. Her position consists of everything media. She updates their website and she works with twitter, facebook and many more. She also has her own small business online. It is a vintage clothing and accessory store. She said social media is a very good networking tool and this is our future. Our future consists communicating this way so we need to become familiar with it. It will help us in many different ways especially when we want to get careers. We will be one step ahead.


People and Technology: How much time does it really take up?

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So, my last week’s comment was about Grey’s Anatomy. That was to give you a little taste of how society focuses on t.v., movies, video games and the computer. If I look at my schedule for the week I set aside several times  for shows that I religiously watch. It is amazing how many hours a week people spend on t.v. I do admit that I watch t.v. 5  hours a week at the least. My little brother is 10-years-old and he spends countless hours a week playing all these different kinds of video games. When I was 10 I was spending countless hours riding my bike, but we also didn’t have all the technology like we do today. According to Digital Information in the U.S. people spend eight hours a day watching television. It is a great thing we have all this technology, but is it necessary to spend that much time on it? Boys average 23 and girls spend 12 hours a week playing video games, according to Mental Health. Isn’t it amazing how much time we have to sit on our butts! No wonder the U.S. is obese. Society is moving toward a more responsible and useful way of using technology by having educational and fitness video games, but we still have a way to go.


Grey’s Anatomy February 2, 2009

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To let everyone know I am a Greys fanatic! I figured this would be a good blog to write about because it is something that I love and it wont get old to write about every week. I have been a loyal Greys fan since the beginning and this season is finally starting take off.  If you don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy the main characters are Meredith Grey, Derek Shepherd, Mark Sloan, Christina Yang, Isobel “Izzy” Stevens, Alex Karev, George O’Mally. Last week, Izzy finally figured out why she is crazy and seeing Denny all the time. (Denny is her dead ex-fiance/ex-boyfriend). Denny told Izzy that she is sick and he is “here for her.”  There is definitely some controversy going on about Izzy leaving the show. Is she? Next week Grey’s and Private Practice is combining shows. It is getting exciting so keep watching!