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OSU Takes On PROpenMic!!! April 16, 2009

Filed under: Social Media — tannerwamsley @ 11:11 pm

        Get ready world OSU PR students are taking over PROpenMic for a week! Next week the Social Media class of the Journalism and Broadcasting school of Oklahoma State University is taking over PROpenMic. The students are in charge of everything! The students in Social Media will be writing artciles, blogging, e-mailing, uploading videos and running the whole Web site. It is going to be a great way of showing off student’s skills at OSU. I can’t wait until next week it is going to be so interesting to see how it goes. I am apprehensive but I know it will be a success. Make sure y’all check out the Web site everyday to see how OSU is representing the PR community. I’m sure everyone will be proud.


One Response to “OSU Takes On PROpenMic!!!”

  1. RDF Says:

    You’ll do great! We thank you all for participating and look forward to what you’ll do with the network.

    Have fun!

    Robert, PROpenMic

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